Jon Anton


The most accurate way of defining my work is "Another Way Of Music". The search of a new sound through a unique and singular language lies at the core of my compositions. Strongly bonded to minimalism, through my works – whether be it on a cinematographic, theatrical or personal level – the non-conformism, eroticism and impressionism show their most indomitable face.

In my youth, my education was focused in classic, fingerstyle, folk and electric guitar. I received vocal and auditory training, as well as singing lessons from Lluïsa Abraham; and musical language, harmony and classic composition from Toni Miralpeix.

While working as a music teacher I also was the leading vocal and bass player of the MAI band in Barcelona. It was also by this time when I started to compose music for different theatre groups and audiovisual projects.

Shortly after, I devoted myself completely to the study of piano, delving deep on its knowledge. I received piano lessons from Mikel Gaztañaga, Willy Muñoz and Marcos Salcines, taking part in the seminar by Barry Harris and Joshua Edelman at the Jazz Cultural Theater in Bilbao. Additionally, I kept up studying harmony, music arrangements and modern composition under the tutelage of Abraham de Román.

Later I obtained my "Level 6 in Music Teaching" degree, granted by RockSchool Limited based in the United Kingdom. Finally, I studied the Master in Composition for Media (Cinema, TV and Videogame) in the Katarina Gurska High Center.

The discovery of minimalism was a milestone in my work, it marked definitely a turning point. The compositions of Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Wim Mertens amongst many others have left a deep blueprint in my own compositions. It is through this style where I found the place for a more powerful innovation and a more revealing schematic transformation.

The new forms and the different musical structures are the ones that bestow my music with a significant and unique character, and provoke a completely new auditory experience in the audience.


My musical work, whose nucleus is influenced by minimalism, explores a great variety of feelings and emotions that try to inspire the audience and to take them on a travel through the experience of new and original feelings. In this section I introduce a selection of pieces, representative of my other way of viewing the music.


My work for films encompasses all types of genres. From comedy to terror, action, tragedy and even science fiction have been my field. This has required a great flexibility and dynamism from me, which has been extremely useful in my musical career.


Over the years I haveworked for various theater groups, comedy and magic shows. The original perspectives that make up theater through expression, movement, image and text, have given me the real opportunity to create something new and work in a variety of sound spaces and figurative music.

Through music for ads and commercials I have been able to apply different composing methods, harmonies and melodies in order to develop and give a added value to all kind of brands.

Complete works

My whole work encompasses different audiovisual fields. I have composed for shows, projections and several exclusive recordings:

- Musical composer for "A Tres Bandas", a show of the humour group "LaKanosa" (formed by Javier Antón, Gorka Martín and Jon Zabal).
- Musical composer for the short film of Jon Zabal "Llueve Hacia Arriba en Connecticut".
- Musical composer and arranger for "The Beertles" project.
- Composition and recording of "Opus 1".
- Recording of several works for piano and saxophone with Andoni Aizpuru.
- Musical composer for the filming project of Enrique Laguna.
- Composition and recording of "Opus II".
- Musical composer for Jon Zabal's theatre play "Aforo Limitado".
- Musical collaboration with "Generación Fnac" cd recording for the said company.
- Musical arrangement for IWEBYOU company on their Lip Dub.
- Piano collaboration for the director Ernesto del Río on his film "Umezurtzak".
- Musical composer for the film "Messer" & "Hidden", by Unai Antolín.
- Musical composer for the short film "Un Mundo Quemado", by Javier Trapero.
- Composition and recording of "Alter Ego".
- Musical composer for the play "Muchas noches, buenas gracias", starring Javier Antón and Andoni Agirregomezkorta.
- Composition and recording of "The Transistor" & "Sexus".
- Musical composer for the short films "Libérame" & "La Entrega", by Javier Trapero.
- Musical composer for the INFOJOBS’s advertising campaign “La Isla De Los Supercandidatos”, with the JAMES BRAND & Co agency.
- Musical composer & arrangement for the Web Serie "INperfectas".
- Composition and recording of "VII".
- Musical composer for the iRTVE short film “Insomnia”.
- Musical composer for the animation short film “TheLastRoom”.
- Musical composer for DEUSTO FORMACIONES’s advertising campaign.
- Musical composer for CEAC’s advertising campaign.
- Musical composer for the ADIDAS's advertising campaign “Wanderlust”.
- Musical composer for the comedy show "ANTON MARTIN”